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Library Overview

About the Campus Library :

1.1 Library History :

The Library at Indian Maritime University, Visakhapatnam Campus is considered as one of the best Maritime Libraries in India. Earlier this is known as the National Ship Design and Research Centre, Visakhapatnam which was established in 1991 later renamed as Indian Maritime University Library, Visakhapatnam Campus, on 1st April 2009.

1.2 Aim :

The Library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty, students and research scholars in their education and research activities in the University. To keep the academic community abreast of the latest developments and to provide them with updated information on all Maritime related topics and to ensure highest level of user satisfaction.

1.3 Our Team:

The Library is managed by one Manager and two Library Assistants

1.5 Library Hours and Holidays:
Mon � Fri : 9.30 am to 6.00 pm.
Library is closed on Saturdays, Sundays & all public holidays.

Library Collection:

The collection of library consist of both print and electronic. The various categories of resources encompass Books, Text Books, Manuals, Ship Drawings, Articles, Project Reports, Standards, Reports, Online Journals, National and International Periodicals, Bound Volumes, E-Reports, Digitised Articles & Digitised Ship Drawings. The library is completely automated with library management software and RFID for various library functions. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) can be accessed through LAN and Wi-Fi by the authorized users.

Library Service :

2.1 Library Membership : On joining the campus all students, staff and faculty automatically become members of library and membership is free. Each member is issued with a RFID smart card for borrowing books from library.

2.2 Circulation: The IMUV Campus library use RFID circulation system for Issues and Returns of loanable documents. The members of the library are expected to present their Smart cards issued by the Campus Library to borrow the books.

The books are issued for a period of two weeks and the books can be re-issued for another period of 2 weeks provided they are not reserved by other members.

� The members will receive a system generated reminders for overdue books. When such reminders are received, the borrowed books are expected to be returned immediately or get them re-issued at the issue counter.

� Members are expected to pay overdue charges if they are returning books late.

� Members can reserve a book that is out in circulation. When it is returned, the member will be informed by e-mail/phone/SMS to collect the reserved book.

� For renewal, the book needs to be brought to the library issue counter to get the new due date stamped.

� A book can be returned through another member, and the overdue charges, if any, needs to be paid by the member who brings the book.

Any conscious attempt to retain the book by paying the late fee is discouraged.

2.3 Current Awareness Service : The latest procurement of books are displayed under New Additions option in Webopac.

2.4 Question Paper Bank: Students can access the previous year question papers through IMUV portal

2.5 Reference Service: The library provides reference service for those who need help in finding information from the library resources. The professional staff in the library will help in the provision of information needed by the members, suggest sources on a topic & help them with search terms.

One can contact the professional staff when unable to find the needed information or to supplement what is already found. We also provide assistance on how to access the online database and online journals and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).


3.1 Book Suggestion Form

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4.Online Library Catalogue Search :

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5.List Of Free Online Journals :

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6.Special Search Engine �BIBLIOTHECA MARITIMUS :

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8.Research Assistance :

9.IMUV Library Virtual Tour :

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